SEAMUS 2020 Schedule


Dear SEAMUS 2020 participants:

If you are scheduled for Concerts 1, 5, or 9, your tech time may be the night before. For Concert 1, this would mean Wednesday, March 11. Otherwise, tech times are likely to take place within a several-hour slot leading up to the concert.

We look forward to seeing you in Charlottesville!


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Concert 1, Rotunda, 10:00

Mark Engebretson
Daniel Swilley
John Thompson

Lyn Goeringer
Per Bloland (I-Jen Fang, percussion)
Joshua Harris
Adam Vidiksis
J.T. Rinker

Caleb Westby (Rachel Wolz, saxophone)

Concert 2, Old Cabell Hall, 14:00

John Ritz (Greg Byrne, percussion ; John Ritz, cello & electronics ; Krista Wallace-Boaz, piano)
Alex Christie
Jason Bolte
Seth Shafer (Elizabeth McNutt, flute ; Shannon Wettstein, piano)
Panayiotis Kokoras (John Mayhood, piano)

Eli Fieldsteel (Nathan Mandel, saxophone)
Christopher Poovey (Elizabeth McNutt, flute)
Owen Hopper
Eren Gumrukcuoglu (John Mayhood, piano ; Kelly Sulick, flute)
Julie Herndon

Concert 3, Band Building, 17:00

Rodney DuPlessis
David Durant (Esther Lamneck,
Elizabeth Hoffman
Anne Neikirk (Becky Brown, harp)
Pinda Ho
Sever Tipei (Nathan Mandel, saxophone)
Olga Oseth
Monte Taylor (Kyle Hutchins, saxophone)
Leah Reid

Concert 4, The Southern, 21:00

Kristopher Bendrick
Heather Stebbins (Adam Vidiksis, percussion)
Andrew Walters
Adam Lenz
Kathryn Koopman

Omar Fraire
Heather Mease
Kittie Cooper
Alison Ma
Christopher Burns
J. Andrew Smith (Kevin Davis, cello)
Joo Won Park


Friday, March 13, 2020

Paper Sessions, Rotunda, 9:00

Taylor Brook
Brian Ellis
Steven Michael Lewis
Yunze Mu et al
Sean Peuquet

Concert 5, Band Building, 11:30

Mei-ling Lee
Charles Nichols (Nathaniel Lee, trombone)
John Gibson
Elainie Lillios (Scott Deal, percussion)
Juan Carlos Vasquez
Greg Dixon (Rachel Yoder, clarinet)

Performer Curated Concert: Disintegration and Reassembly — Stephen Marotto, cello
Sabrina Schroeder
Brian Riordan
Lisa Atkinson

Rand Steiger

Concert 6, Rotunda, 14:30

Scott Barton and Nate Tucker
Adam Mirza
Federico Bonacossa (Jiyeon Choi, clarinet)
Mengzhumei Yang
Yanqi Chen (Yani Chen, violin)
Tao Li
Nishan Jiang
Robert McClure (Michele Fiala, oboe)
Jeffrey Stolet

Awards Reception, Old Cabell Hall Lobby, 16:30

Awards Presentations, Old Cabell Hall, 17:30

Concert 7, Old Cabell Hall, 18:00

Annea Lockwood, SEAMUS Award Recipient

Concert 8, Band Building, 21:30

David Nguyen
Robert Esler (Casey Farina, Barry Moon, Doug Nottingham, & Lisa Tolentino, performers)
Eli Stine
Fang Wan
Kelley Sheehan
Ryan Maguire and Paige Naylor
Jason Fick
Jiayue Cecilia Wu
Zachary Boyt
Ryne Siesky
John Carter Rice
Elliott Lupp (MOUTHS: Kristopher Bendrick & Elliott Lupp, electronics)

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Paper Sessions, Rotunda, 9:00

Jason Palamara and W. Scott Deal
Marc Evanstein
Federico Llach

Michael Rhoades
Michele Zaccagnini

Concert 9, Rotunda, 11:30

Ingebritsen (Wayla Chambo, flute)
Lewis, Ralph (Stephen Marotto, cello)
Byungjin Kim
Aurie Hsu and Steven Kemper
Jacob Walls (Matt Evans, saxophone)
Christopher Douthitt
Kyle Vanderburg
Ben Robertson
Kristian Twombly

Members Meeting, Rotunda, 14:30

Concert 10, Band Building, 16:00

Iddo Aharony (Madeleine Shapiro, cello)
Michael Smith
Andrew McManus (Kyle Hutchins, saxophone)
Sean Hallowell
Jason Mitchell (Brielle Frost, flute)

Nicola Giannini
Brett Masteller Warren (Julie Licata, percussion)
Kyong Mee Choi (Colleen Potter Thorburn, harp)
Israel Neuman (Kyle Hutchins, saxophone)
Matthew Wiggins
Nathaniel Haering (Ilana Waniuk, violin)

Courtney Brown (Brent Brimhall and Courtney Brown, dance)

Concert 11, Old Cabell Hall, 20:00

Chi Wang
Taylor Brook (John Mayhood, piano ; Wayla Chambo, flute)
Judith Shatin (Kyle Hutchins, saxophone)
Hubert Howe (Jonathan Howe, piano)
Doug Geers (Taylor Long, percussion ; Margaret Schedel, cello)
Nicolas Chuaqui (John Mayhood, piano ; Kelly Sulick, flute)
Kyle Grimm (Dan Phipps, saxophone)
Zhixin Xu
Christopher Biggs (Keith Kirchoff, piano & Seaboard)
Rachel Gibson